October 2023

Ronan Mullarney captures his 2nd title of the season at the Alps Tour and secures his 2024 Challenge Tour card. Congratulations Ronan, we are proud of you!!!

July 2023

After 19 seasons and 251 starts, Toro Tour player Carmen Alonso can finally call herself a Ladies European Tour (LET) champion after clinching a dramatic maiden victory at the Ladies Open by Pickala Rock Resort. Congratulations!!!

July 2023

Angie & Calum representing the Toro Tour at the first LIV event at Valderrama

June 2023

Toro Tour player Louis Klein becoming the youngest ever player to make a cut on Europe’s second highest circuit, at 13 years, 9 months and 24 days.


June 2023

15-year old Toro Tour player Lev Grinberg is back at the Soudal Open! Lev was the second youngest player making the cut at a DP world tour in 2022. Good luck Lev!

June 2023

Our youngest player in 2023, Maxi Lachner, 12 years old, finished second at the U14  Bayrische Meisterschaft in Germany. Congratulations!!!

May 2023

The 25 year old Toro Tour player Fabian Gola from Switzerland won the Ski & Golf World Championship 2023 which was taking place in Austria. Congratulations, well done Fabian!!!

July 2022

Toro Tour player Ronan Mullarney qualified for THE OPEN at St. Andrews Golf Course. Congratulations and good luck Ronan!!!